Plan of action 2017

Year 2017 center development association The first full year of life of the living Tikkurila ry.

The association's activities and membership began well in autumn 2016. In cooperation, there are orders for companies, real estate and communities.

This action plan has shown that maximizing the effectiveness of the association on the resources available.

Table of Contents of the Action Plan.

​Table of contents of the action plan

1. Association

2. Member List

3. Resources

 Chairman and Government

 Part-Time Director

 Financial Management and Auditing

4. Communication

5. Interaction

6. Tikkurila shopping guide

8. Coaching

9. Rehabilitation of the pedestrian street “Tikkuraitti”

10. Impact on Business Conditions

11. City center Conference

12. Christmas Event

1. Association

The living Tikkurila ry is an association established in 2016, which develops Tikkurilas nuclear center especially from the point of view of the business sector in Vantaa. It´s main partners in 2017 are the city (business and town planning) and polytechnic Laurea (student projects). The association participates in the activities of the national Living Cities Centers Association.


2. Members

The association is formed by Tikkurilas core businesses, communities, real estate, Vantaa City and Polytechnic Laurea.

At the beginning of 2017 the association's membership comprised 32 companies and

In 2017 the number of members will be increased with an active membership acquisition. That means that it is directed at companies, other corporations, housing and real estate companies. This will affect the planning of the association's activities. Membership must provide tangible benefits and empowerment based on membership.


3. Resources

The members of the association are the most important resource and the foundation of their existence. To achieve the goals of the association memberships need to be active. The association must give members a chance to participate actively in the practical activities of the association. In addition to do that the Members use the largest decision-making power of the association, when it convenes meetings of the association.

The members will meet in April to confirm the 2016 financial statements. At the same meeting the 2017 Action Plan will also be adopted. This is an exceptional one. During the founding year, 2016 the association's autumn meeting was not considered. Usually the autumn meeting will approve the next year's action plan. The statutory autumn meeting of the association will be held in 2017 in October. It approves that the 2018 Action Plan budget and selects the Chairman and Government for 2018.

The association's board is responsible for the activities and recruiting staff. (The auditor is elected by the association meeting.)

Chairman and Government

In 2017, the chairmanship and the board of the association will continue to be elected by the Founding Meeting on 29 March 2016.

The chairman is Ann-Mari Patshijew, an entrepreneur. In addition to the Chairman, Kimmo Bergman (Restaurant Oklahoma), Kirsi Paulamäki (Asema Apteekki), Johanna Sjöholm (Nicehearts), Heidi Haapala (Lusikka & Paistinpannu Oy), Jaana Tuomila (Kirnu Oy), Johanna Harjumaa (Dixi Shopping Center) Mirka Järnefelt (City of Vantaa), Kati Komulainen (Laurea amk), Jouni Monto (K-supermarket Yliveto) and Mika Ruohonen (HOK Elanto). The other members are Risto Haapala (Lusikka & Paistinpannu Oy), Rauni Palviainen (Parturi-Kampaamo Jose) and Toni Österlund (Silke ry).

The Board will meet at least six months in 2017.

Part-Time Executive Vice President

A part-time director of the association is Janne Viitamies.

3.3 Financial Management and Auditing

Tuija Humberg Oy is responsible for the payment and accountancy of the association. The auditor is appointed by the auditing company Selinheimo Oy by decision of the association meeting.


4. Communication

Electronic communications, email, social media and text messages. In 2017, the association publishes its own website, which is responsible for providing basic information and topical messages to members. The association publishes a modestly printed brochure mainly for the use of membership.

The association seeks to generate activities of interest to the local independent media in order to increase the awareness of unification among businesses and residents.


5. Interaction

The association seeks out a live and good interaction between the players in the center of Tikkurila to enhance their effectiveness.

During 2017, the association will arrange four morning or evening cafes, which discuss topics of interest to the association's objectives in a free format. Memberships and other actors, in particular Vantaa's urban and traffic design experts, are invited to the events.


6. Tikkurila Shopping Guide

The association will publish in 2017 Tikkurila Shopping guide online. It sets out the commercial services of Tikkurila City Center listed by business area on the map. This guide is accessible to all companies, regardless of whether they are members of the association. Members of the association will not be billed for publication of the map guide, but it is a free membership benefit.


7. Business Coaching

In 2017, the association will provide free membership training for its member companies to develop their own business strengths. This requires a joint project with Laurea. From the fall of 2016, the project has been prepared between the Managing Director and Laurea lecturer Marilla Kortesalmi. The project is expected to start during the summer and autumn 2017.

Rehabilitation of the pedestrian street Tikkuraitti.

The city of Vantaa is planning to renovate the oldest pedestrian street in Tikkuraitti. The association is in favor of this, organizes workshops and events that involve Tikkuraitti companies.


8. Rehabilitation of the pedestrian street Tikkuraitti

The city of Vantaa is planning to renovate the oldest pedestrian street in Tikkurahti. The association supports this and organizes workshops and events where participating in Tikkurhati companies can influence the design and implementation of the reform. The cooperation between the association and the city has been prepared from autumn 2016 with the Executive Director and Urban Designer Hanna Keskinen.


9. Influencing Business Conditions

Business circumstances National Living Centers Association organizes an annual center development conference which is located this year in the metropolitan area. The conference is scheduled to begin in the center of Tikkurila’s on Wednesday, August 23. The living Tikkurila ry will participate in the conference arrangements with the city of Vantaa.


10. Live Tikkurila Day

In September-October, the association will hold a corporate and residential event, which will present current projects of the Tikkurila Center. The topic is, for example, the reform of Tikkurahti, the renewel plan of Jokiranta, the central building projects of the center, the renewal of Kielotki's traffic conditions and the events of Tikkurila's summer season.


11. City center Conference

The Finnish Living Centers Association organizes an annual center development conference this year in the metropolitan area. The conference is scheduled to begin in the center of Tikkurila on Wednesday, August 23, The living Tikkurila ry will participate in the conference arrangements with the city of Vantaa.


12. Christmas Event

On Saturday 16 December, the association will organize a small Christmas event.